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As companies navigate the digital world, every business function gets complex, as does the product management role.

A product manager is at the centre of all those functions touching a product - design, engineering, sales, marketing, customer success, operations, finance, and more. They influence every aspect of what gets built, how it gets made, and its launch.

Unlike their past role, which was mainly focused on execution task, a product manager is now expected to wear a collaborator’s hat, aligning diverse functions to work together and drive the product’s success.

In this digital era, the role of a product manager has evolved due to the growing significance of data in decision-making, increased customer and design focus, and new-age software-development methodologies. Unlike traditional product managers, who primarily focus on execution and on-time delivery of projects, today’s product manager is increasingly the mini-CEO of the product.

Today’s product managers must recognize the user and buyer personas and create unique value propositions for each. Identify, evaluate, and respond to crucial product analytics. They must use a broad knowledge base to make trade-off decisions and unite cross-functional teams, ensuring alignment between diverse functions. Further, product management is viewed as the new training ground for leadership roles.

Some of the CEOs of big corporations started their careers with product management - Sundar Pichai of Google, Satya Nadella of Microsoft, Marissa Mayer of Yahoo, and Indra Nooyi of PepsiCo. They lead teams by guiding products from planning to development to launch and beyond. This managerial experience of theirs became valuable to climb career-high roles eventually.

The Advanced Programme in Digital Product Management equips professionals with the capabilities to adopt agile product management practices and frameworks and build products that meet the needs of today’s users.

  • Be the trendsetter, and create disruptive business models.
  • Build insights, direct product development, and positioning.
  • Discover the right framework for effective product-market fit.
  • Develop an agile product mindset.
  • Identify unmet customer needs and design experiences to meet the same.
  • Leverage data to craft outcome-driven product strategy.
  • Ascend to leadership roles with new-age capabilities.
  • Act as a robust collaborator among multiple stakeholders.
  • Tap into product management opportunities with IIM Certification
  • IIM Udaipur Advantage: Get certified by IIM Udaipur, the only B-School accredited with AACSB in the shortest time since inception.
  • Experiential Learning: Leverage cutting-edge pedagogy of Case Studies, Assignments, Quizzes, Capstone Projects and Campus Immersion.
  • Accomplished Faculty: Learn from IIM Udaipur Faculty and industry leaders in product management practices.
  • Executive Alumni Status: Become an Alumni of IIM Udaipur Executive Education and network with top professionals.
  • Most-preferred Learning Platform: Learn on TalentSprint's award-winning Pracademic Platform, the best-in-class interactive AI-powered digital delivery platform.

The programme is best suited for

  • A professional working in Marketing, Advertising, Project Management, Customer Management, Branding, Catalogue Management, Retail, or Sales and are considering moving into the product side of the business.
  • Currently working as a product manager and looking forward to enhancing your skills and knowledge to thrive in the digital era.
  • An entrepreneur who wants to build and scale world-class products.
  • A tech professional working on prototypes interested in transitioning to a product management role.

The programme will be taught by the esteemed IIM Udaipur Faculty. To meet your future mentors, visit here

  • The programme will be delivered in an interactive online format, retaining effectiveness while maintaining safety. The format uniquely combines the benefits of an in-class programme with the flexibility and safety of online learning.
  • Synchronous programme delivery by expert faculty
  • Interact and get doubts answered by faculty
  • Peer learning through working in groups with other participants
  • Support from mentors for projects
  • Re-attend classes through recorded archives
  • Access videos easily with searchable and indexed video archives
  • Learn from the comfort and safety of your home
  • Office hours with one-on-one mentor support

Your peer group will comprise professionals aspiring to become and/or practising product managers, entrepreneurs who want to build digital products, or professionals working in marketing, sales and allied areas.

This is an expertise-building programme for experienced professionals. You will obtain a certification from IIM Udaipur, the fastest-growing next-gen IIM.

A certificate of successful completion is provided upon completion of all requirements of the program. All examinations and evaluations related to the certification are carried out by IIM Udaipur.

Yes, participants of this program get an Executive Alumni status of IIM Udaipur.

In addition to this, you will have access to the following -

  • IIM Udaipur Email address after your course completion
  • Exclusive invitation to selected events hosted by the institution
  • Special Alumni Discounts on IIM Udaipur executive programs
  • Subscription to IIM Udaipur Newsletter to get the latest updates

The programme format with LIVE Interactive Sessions, Case Studies, Quizzes, Assignments, and Campus Immersion enables a conducive environment to network with your peers in the cohort. Most participants can continue to network even after the cohort by using the alumni portal.

As an Institution of National Importance, IIM Udaipur enjoys autonomous status under the MHRD. This programme is a fully approved certificate programme offered through IIM Udaipur's Executive Education.

All participants must abide by an agreement comprising the standard programme Terms and Conditions. It has the following components:

  • Part A: Etiquette and Platform Rights
    Classroom Etiquette & General Policy Guidelines
    Tools and Platforms in Use
    Tools and Platforms: Terms of Use
  • Part B: Honor Code
  • Part C: Certification
  • Part D: Programme Fee, Refund, and Termination Policy

Eligibility and Selection Process

Candidates will be selected based on the details of their education, work experience, and a statement of purpose submitted along with the application.

A Relationship Manager will be assigned to the applicant, who will gather all the necessary information and represent his/her candidature to the selection committee for review. The profiles will be sent to IIM Udaipur for selection.

Applicants must hold

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree with a minimum of 50% marks

Applicant should have

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in product management functions, or
  • Minimum 5 years of experience across any domain or function

Prior knowledge of products or customer management and/or statistics would be an advantage for applicants.

Aspirants can apply for exemption from eligibility criteria by submitting a request and SOP (Statement of Purpose) to the selection committee.

Join in these easy steps:

  • Share your details and apply for the programme
  • Submit all the necessary documents
  • The programme selection committee will evaluate your candidature
  • Upon selection, complete your enrollment and join the programme

Programme Content

The curriculum designed by IIM Udaipur Faculty includes topics centred on modern product management practices.

Foundational Modules

Module 1: Fundamentals of Marketing Management

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Market Environment
  • Competition
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Segmentation
  • Brand Management
  • Promotion
  • Distribution

Module 2: Fundamentals of Analytics

  • Business Analytics covering Probability, Regression, A/B Testing, Statistical Machine Learning, CART, Random Forest, Clustering, Unsupervised Learning.

Learning Outcomes from the Foundational Modules : The foundational modules are in Marketing and Analytics. These provide the basic understanding for participants to understand the business’ big picture and how Marketing and other functions inter-relate in the organisation. Analytics prepares the participants to deal with large and complex data-sets, which need to be analysed in the context of the business requirements.

Transitional Modules

Module 3: Concepts of Agile & Design Thinking

  • What & Why of Agile, its Concepts, Principles & Applications in Business Context
  • Introduction to Design Thinking, Principles & Applications
  • Design Thinking Approach to Problem-Solving
  • Understanding Design Thinking through Cases/Practices encompassing its 5-Step Framework

Module 4: Platform Business Model & Strategy

  • Multi-sided Platform Business - Strategy, Competition Management & Valuation

Learning Outcomes from the Transitional Modules : Agile, Design Thinking and Multisided Platform Business Models are modules that enable the participants to understand the impact of speed, scale and technology and develop their perspectives on managing scenarios in a fast changing context. Agile exposes the participants to the ways in which activities and processes can be managed in a changing business contexts. Design Thinking gives the framework to approach a solution for new or unprecedented problem/scenario. Multisided Platform Business model exposes the participants to platform business models and within that the role of a product manager.

Strategic Modules

Module 5: Digital Product Management

  • Strategic & Operational Product Management
  • Digital Marketing

Module 6: Marketing Analytics

  • Marketing Analytics covering Segmentation, Brand Positioning, New Concept Testing, Forecasting, Market Basket Analysis, SEO, SMM, Text Mining

Learning Outcomes from the Strategic Modules : Having understood the concepts of product management and data and with the exposure to concepts of speed-of-change, the advance modules get deeper into how the capabilities can be developed to thrive in the role of a product manager. How to conceptualise a value proposition, how to exploit business value from patterns that emerge through data. Participants will be able to understand the big picture concept and develop their capabilities in product management area to deal with the business challenges.

Capstone Project

Schedule and Details

Applications Closed

  • 6 Months Program
  • 3 Days of Campus Visit
  • 5 Future Ready Modules
  • 100% LIVE Interactive Classes

Experiential Learning supported by LIVE interactive sessions, best-in-class self-learning content, case studies, quizzes and assignments. Note: LIVE Online Sessions will be held on Saturdays and Sundays from 3.00 PM to 6.00 PM

125 Hours of Online LIVE Sessions by IIM Udaipur Faculty & 15 Hours of On Campus Modules.

Experience IIM Campus Life. Interact with mentors and network with peers during a 3-day IIMU campus visit.

The programme will be delivered through faculty-led interactive live sessions on TalentSprint’s These online sessions will be held at a schedule convenient for working professionals. Participants can interact with the faculty through video, audio, and chat. They will also be able to chat with fellow programme participants during online sessions.

As per the programme norms, participants have to maintain at least 75% of attendance during the program. Going by the curriculum, it is recommended that participants maintain attendance for enriched learning. Reading material (pre/post session) excluding session archives will be shared regularly through the Online Learning Management System.

The programme includes continuous formative and summative assessments. The final scores will be determined based on the sum of the scores of various assessments.

Yes, participants are required to have their laptops.

Reading material (pre/post session) excluding session archives will be shared regularly through the Online Learning Management System. The access will be available for 1 year from the date of the commencement of the program.

A certificate of successful completion is provided upon completion of all requirements of the program. All examinations and evaluations related to the certification are carried out by IIM Udaipur.

Programme Fee

For programme fee-related details, please visit Fee page

Yes, flexible EMI options are available that enable you to pay the programme fee in instalments. Please contact your RM to know the details of the schemes available.

For scholarship-related details, please visit here. You can also reach out to your RM for more details.

No, the application fee is non-refundable.

No. The programme fee is non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances.

Professionals have multiple options for funding.

  • Sponsored by employer
  • Self-funded: Based on our experience of enabling 3000+ professionals who have participated in our executive programs, self-funding is the most preferred option with over 80% choosing this.
  • Three key reasons why professionals opt for it:
  • Freedom: To opt for a programme of their choice, at a time of their choice, with an institution of their choice and not be restrained by the organization’s policy.
  • Flexibility: To pursue greater career opportunities beyond their current employer or nurture their entrepreneurial ambitions.
  • Funding: Access to flexible EMI schemes (paying as low as Rs. 5,550 per lac per month).

We have also observed that the commitment levels were higher among self-funding participants.

About the Platform (Interactive Platform for Experiential and Remote Learning) is created by TalentSprint’s engineering team led by our Chief Technology Officer, an IIT Kanpur alumni. The platform integrates best-in-class open-source technologies and SaaS services and perfected them over the last seven years.

When this platform was built, we intended to offer it to our partners and customers for digital learning and delivery. Since 2013, the platform has been extensively used by IIM Calcutta, IIT Kanpur, IIIT Hyderabad, and IIT Hyderabad, and many more of our customers and partners. More than 300,000 students have used this platform, which is reputed for user experience, quality, and scale.

This feature-rich platform has become so popular that some of our partners are now using it for their academic needs.

The tried and tested direct-to-device platform enables 24 x 7 learning for its users. Some key benefits of the platform are:

  • Intuitive student experience through a user-friendly LMS
  • Seamless faculty experience through state-of-the-art Studios
  • Highly Interactive Online Classes
  • Effective group/peer learning/projects through Breakout Rooms
  • Proctored Online Assessments with detailed analysis
  • Insightful Reports on student engagement and performance
  • Flexible integration with other components, as needed

A comparative study of against Canvas, Impartus, Moodle, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom was conducted. Features in the following categories were compared:

  • Instructor-led Learning
  • Self-paced Learning
  • Assessments/Evaluations
  • User Experience
  • Customer Support
  • Scalability and Performance
  • Integration and Customization
  • Others

Reading material (pre/post session) excluding session archives will be shared regularly through the Online Learning Management System.

  • An internet-connected device, Computer/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone, is enough to access the platform.
  • Web camera and Mic with necessary power backup will be needed for proctored online assessments.


  • AACSB Accreditation
    Get certified by IIM Udaipur, the only B-School accredited with AACSB in less than eight years since inception.
  • Consistent growth sets IIMU apart
    IIMU has been ranked in the 'Top 100' of FT Masters in Management 2022 Global Ranking for the fourth consecutive year. Only IIM after IIM Bangalore to have achieved this feat.
  • Fastest Growing Next-Gen IIM
    As per a methodology deployed by the UT Dallas' Naveen Jindal School of Management, IIMU is rated among the 'Top 5' Indian business schools based on research published in leading global journals.

IIM Udaipur, a second-generation IIM, is one of the fastest-growing management schools in the country. It was set up by the Indian Government in 2011. Taking the legacy of older IIMs forward, IIMU aspires to set new benchmarks in management education by combining excellence in teaching and research. IIMU is committed to becoming a globally recognized management school by 2030 and is inevitably driving in that direction. With an accomplished faculty, a flourishing research ecosystem, and success in attracting the best minds in the country, IIMU is championing its core values of excellence and integrity. To learn more about the institution, please visit the IIM Udaipur website.